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Update on Kukerin Stock Water Supply & Dry Season Surveys


As everyone is aware, the Kukerin Stock dam is rapidly running out of water.

As well as the standpipes (in Kukerin and on Fence Road), the Department Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) has advised that Duggan’s Dam is available for stock water. This would normally need users to provide there own pumping infrastructure to fill their trucks. Given that this would be a slow process and may result in extended waiting times for water, the Shire has committed to hire a standpipe that will deliver 100-125l of water per second, thereby enabling rapid filling of water trucks. This is not a cheap process and given the estimated amount of water left in the dam, it will require an extra charge of $1.29 per kilolitre to remain cost neutral. This equates to $38.70 per 30,000l tanker. This will be operational by Tuesday 4 February 2020.

As the access to Duggan’s Dam is narrow, a one-way track will be developed with entry from the railway road (from Old Lake Grace Road) and exit via Dumbleyung-Lake Grace Highway, and signage installed.

It is essential for farmers to keep DWER updated (via their dry season survey) so that they can monitor the state of the stock water supply, including information on how much stock you have and how much water you will need. The surveys being submitted are essential for the Shire to have meaningful discussion with DWER, otherwise they do not see an issue. Please download the survey from one of the forms attached. You will need to complete additional forms if you farm more than one property. DWER are continuously reviewing the water situation and investigating possible solutions.

The Water Corporation dam at Kukerin is not available for use as DWER have no control over this infrastructure. This is continuing to be questioned by the Shire with no success at this stage.

COMPLETE ONLINE - Dry Season Survey for Livestock Water

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