The Kukerin and Dumbleyung are open each week at the following times:


Dumbleyung: Thursday 9:00am to 1:00pm and Sunday 8:00am to 12:00 noon

Kukerin: Sunday 1:00pm to 5:00pm and Wednesday 9:30am to 1:30pm

            (Maps below)

Passes are required for free entry to the waste sites (unlimited free visits with a pass) or charges will apply without a pass. Please get in touch with the shire if you have lost your pass, or your landlord if you are renting.


Waste Site Charges (For those without a tip pass)

                Per 240L bin - $5.00

                Utility or Trailer - $15.00

                Small Rigid Truck (by appointment only) - $120.00

                Rigid Truck (by appointment only) -  $250.00

                Semi-Trailer (by appointment only) - $500.00

                Each additional Truck Trailer (by appointment only) - $500.00


Waste Site Charges (Including those with a tip pass)

                Out of hours waste site access (appointment only, in addition to                              applicable disposal charge) - $50.00

                Asbestos Disposal <2m3* (residents only) - $132.00

                Asbestos Home Pickup <2m3* - $154.00

*pickup and disposal >2m3 will be via quotation process


When using the waste sites, please follow the correct procedures.
There are four areas for waste disposal:

• Waste Oil (Dumbleyung only)

• Green Waste

• Scrap Metal

• General Waste

** Mixed loads are to be separated and disposed into the correct waste sections, not doing so increases the running costs of the waste sites.**


Waste Oil: This is for waste oil and diesel only (excluding unleaded fuel).

Oil is to be poured into the tank. Empty containers are not to be left at the waste oil area, they should be disposed of in the general waste area. If the tank is full, please do not leave containers. We are only able to hold a limited amount of oil on site.

*Dumbleyung only, waste oil not allowed at the Kukerin Waste Site


The Dumbleyung Shire will not permit agricultural chemical containers to be deposited at all Dumbleyung Shire refuse sites. To be disposed of in accordance with Drum Muster requirements.


Green Waste: This area is for organics capable of being burned only. Wood and non-flammable organics must be placed in the general waste trench.


Scrap Metal: This is for metal only. Anything that is not 100% metal should be placed in the general waste area. Fencing wire is not accepted anywhere at the waste sites.


General Waste: This is for all other waste including but not limited to household waste, wood, furniture and building rubble. If you have a mixed load and do not want to separate it, please place it in the general waste area.


What we can’t accept:

•             Acids

•             Aerosols – CFC based

•             Aerosols, flammable – paint lacquers and pesticide

•             Alkali

•             Arsenic based products

•             Batteries – nickel cadmium and other (excludes Lithium & Thionyl Chloride)

•             Cyanides

•             Engine coolants and glycols

•             Fire extinguishers

•             Flammable liquids - hydrocarbons and fuels

•             Flammable solids

•             Flares

•             Fluorescent tubes, CFL and light fittings

•             Gas Cylinders

•             General household chemicals eg cleaners

•             Heavy metal compounds

•             Inorganic oxidising agents – eg pool chlorine

•             Low level radioactive substances eg smoke detectors

•             Mercury – elemental

•             Organic peroxides

•             Paint

•             PCB materials

•             Pesticides

•             Solvents – halogenated

•             Toxics

•             pharmaceuticals

•             sharps

•             tyres

•             e-waste

•             EPIRBs or PLBs

•             explosives (other than flares), ammunition or fire arms

•             any material from non-domestic sources (eg agricultural, commercial,                         veterinary or industrial waste)

•             printer cartridges (These can be recycled at the shire office)

•             batteries – lead acid

•             empty chemical containers or drums

•             mobile phones


Refuse - Dumbleyung Refuse Site Map.png
Refuse - Kukerin Refuse Site Map.png