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General stores in both towns provide day to day necessities including meat, groceries, perishables, haberdashery and hardware.

Both towns have: 1) post office 2) newsagency 3) public library 4) caravan park 5) seniors units.

In addition Dumbleyung has a roadhouse, community resource centre, tea room, art shop, hairdresser, rural merchandise store, machinery dealership, engineering works and land care office.

All Services & Repairs

Need new tyres or repairs? Electrical, plumbing or gas repairs? Hardware, machinery, parts and service, professional photos or to fill your thermos? OUR SHIRE MAY BE SMALL BUT HAS PLENTY TO OFFER See the full shire business directory here

Town Halls

Dumbleyung Town Hall    |    Kukerin Tow Hall

Dongolocking Town Hall  |    Moulyinning Town Hall     

All halls can be hired through the Dumbleyung Shire Administration Office by phoning 9863 4012 or completed a Facility Hire Form

Great for community and private events.

Emergency Facilities - Child Health Services

This service is available at the Dumbleyung Hospital on the 1st and 3rd Thursday morning of each month from 9.30am. Immunisations are also available on the first Thursday of each month. Phone the hospital for appointments.

Child Health and Immunisation at the Kukerin Health Centre are held every 4th Thursday of the month. Phone for an appointment.

Both towns have: a) ambulance service and b) fire and rescue service. Dumbleyung has a police station that services the district. The officer will attend Kukerin by appointment.

Dumbleyung Swimming Pool

The swimming pool opens during the summer months.

Open Wednesday to Monday 12pm - 6pm

Closed Tuesdays

Contact the Shire for Early Swim Updates *Sporadic Months Subject to change, Mon, Wed  & Fri 6:30am - 8:30am

Closed Christmas Day and Boxing day

Closed New Years Eve and New Years Day


If a large group (10+ people) are interested in visiting the pool outside of opening hours, please contact the Pool Manager for possible opening.

If closing due to unforseen circumstances notification will be via the Shire of Dumbleyung Facebook Page www.facebook.com/dumbleyungshire. If travelling a distance to the pool, please check before departing by phoning the pool on 98634227 or the Shire on 98634012.


Dumbleyung has a tavern providing evening counter meals. A dining room service is also available, and can be booked for functions.

The Dumbleyung District Club has a Social Tea every Friday night. 

The Kukerin Hotel provides counter meals nightly and also has a dining room service.

Emergency Facilities - Medical

The following services are also available through Dumbleyung Out Patient Service Accident & Emergency Service 24 hours, 7 days a week - Meals on Wheels, Podiatrist, Home and Community Care (Contact Hospital 9863 5222).

The Kukerin Health Centre is open for Accident & Emergency Service from Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm. There is no doctor in attendance. In an emergency please phone for assistance or contact the Dumbleyung Hospital (9863 5222) or Lake Grace Hospital (9865 1206).


Church Days Contact


Catholic  1st and 3rd Sundays     B West 9863 4071

Anglican  4th Sunday                 D Lloyd 9863 4063

Uniting    2nd Sunday 3pm         S McDougall 9823 5035

Jehovah Witness   Thursday evenings 



Catholic Weekly                       S Joyce 9864 2042

Anglican Monthly                      L Davidson 9864 1055

Uniting   Fortnightly                    G Mycock 9864 7896