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 Registration And Licensing Agency

(Department Of Transport)










The Shire of Dumbleyung is a licensing agent for the Department of Transport, as such we are not permitted to take licensing enquires or process transactions over the phone.

If you are attending the administration office to complete licensing duties please ensure you come prepared. The best way to make sure you have everything jump onto the Department of Transport website before hand to familiarise yourself with what your particular enquiry may need.

If you come prepared with the correct ID requirements and information it will streamline the time you spend within the admin office. Please note that our staff have to follow the directions and regulations set upon us from the Department of transport. Click here to view Transport Licencing Guidelines. 

If you are unable to come into the Shire of Dumbleyung Administration Office for your licensing enquiry you must contact the Department of Transport on 13 11 56.

The Shire of Dumbleyung can complete the following:

  • Vehicle Registrations

  • New Vehicle Registrations

  • Vehicle Transfers

  • Driver’s Licence Application

  • Driver’s Licence Renewal

  • Learner’s Permit Application – CTT (Bike, Car, Heavy) & HPT

  • Boat Renewals & Transfers

  • Plate and Transfer Infringements

For more information - Department of Transport Website or call 13 11 56.

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