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Aug 22, 2018

Read About This Book - Beyond The Fence (Contents & Index)


Edited: Sep 3, 2018

Beyond The Fence. Physical books are sold out however you can subscribe to obtain a password to read the book online. Click "HERE" to subscribe or if you have your password click "HERE" to read the book. the by clicking . If you have any questons you can contact the Shire of Dumbleyung by phoning (08) 9863 4012.


Localities include: Kukerin, Tarin Rock, Merilup, Norht Kukerin, South Kukerin, Falcondale, Duggan, Pingarning, Candlelight, Moulyinning, North Molyinning, Author

  • Joan Timperley


  • Kukerin History Group, 1996.


  • South West Printing and Publishing Company Limited, Bunbury WA 6230

Physical Description

  • 544 pages

Beyond the Fence - Contents & Index


Contents - Places


Chapter 1 The Birth of the District pg1

Chapter 2 Communications pg14

Chapter 3 The Early Days of the Kukerin Township pg30

Chapter 4 The Pioneer Settlers of Kukerin pg85

Chapter 5 Cookering Becomes North Kukerin pg133

Chapter 6 East to Duggan and Tarin Rock pg185

Chapter 7 The South East Road to Falcondale pg209

Chapter 8 South to Merilup and Pingarning pg241

Chapter 9 Along the Candlelight Valley to Moulyinning pg306

Chapter 10 Farming and the Weather pg406

Chapter 11 District Service during the World Wars pg432

Chapter 12 Community Life and Identies pg451

Chapter 13 Books, Business and Bona Fide pg507

Appendix Kukerin Cemetery pg517

Conversions pg520

References pg521

Index pg524

Maps pg536

Addendum, pg541


Index - People

Abbott Albert

Bairstow, Des

Bairstow, EM

Abbott, Bert

Bairstow, Ethel

Abbott, Gladys

Bairstow, Frank

Abbott, Jack

Bairstow, Hurtle

Abbott, Joan

Bairstow, Max

Absolon, EH

Bairstow, Norma

Baker, Ted

Adams, Alan

Ball, Freda

Adams, Dot

Ball, Ivan

Adams, Elias

Bamber, Eileen

Bamber, Henry


Adams, Gertie

Barker, Tony

Adams, Janice

Barnes, Eileen

Adams, Joan

Barnes, Mrs

Adams, Jon

Barnes, W


Adams, Maureen

Barron, Fred

Adams, Neil

Barron, Ted

Adams, Penny

Batt, Clifton

Adams, Phil

Bateup, Arthur

Adams, Stephen

Bateup, Pat

Adams, Tom

Bayley, Diana

Anderson, Jean

Bayley, Peter

Archdale, Bill

Bell, Bob

Arcus, Tom

Bell, Elijah

Ash, Caroline

Bell, Florence

Astbury, Ruth

Bell, Jack

Avery, Errol

Bell, Josephine

Bahr, Annie

Bell, William H

Bahr, Betty

Bahr, Clive

Bahr, Julie

Bidmead, Fred

Bahr, Oscar

Billett, Bob

Bilston, Ruby

Bahr, Ron

Birch, OR

Bahr, Stan

Bird, Lance

Bailey, Arthur

Birt, GH

Bailey, RL

Bishop, Harry

Bodkin, Jim

Bairstow, Danny

Bogle, Mr


Bowman, Jack

Box, Thomas

Brand, Anthony

Brandenburg, Max

Brandenburg, Pat


Bray, Bert

Bray, Bob

Bray, Clem

Bray, Dorothy

Bray, Evelyn

Bray, Frederick

Bray, Jeanette

Bray, Joan

Bray, Raelene

Bridge, Jack

Broadwith, Elizabeth

Broadwith, William

Brown, Tom

Browning, Allan

Campbell, Arch

Campbell, Hilton

Campbell, May

Cannon, Bert

Cannon, Jim

Cannon, Pat

Canute, Harold

Canute, Mrs

Carey, Sister

Carpenter, Cliff

Carpenter, Myrtle

Carroll, Peter

Carwardine, AA

Carwardine, Bob

Carwardine, David

Carwardine, Doss

Carwardine, Elaine

Carwardine, Fannie

Carwardine, Fred

Carwardine, John B

Carwardine, John H

Carwardine, Mr & Mrs Frank

Carwardine, Mrs

Castle, Bill Jm

Castle, Bill Sm

Castle, Francis

Castle, Ray

Clark, Billie Emma

Clark, Dr Margaret

Clark, Emma

Clark, Frankie

Clark, Gilbert

Clark, Hilda


Clark, Kate

Clark, Murray

Clark, Phil '.H4,

Clark, William T

Clarke, Arthur

Clarke, Dorothy

Clarke, Eddie

Clarke, John

Clarke, Lady Jane

Clarke, Maree

Clarke, Mr EB

Clarke, William Sm

Clarke, Wilna

Clarke, Winnie

Clayton, Maurice

Coates, Roger

Collins, Lou

Collins, Violet

Collins, Wally

Connolly, Miss

Davidson, Geoff

Connolly, Mrs

Davidson, Gordon

Connolly, William

Davidson, Jim

Cook, Alice

Davidson, John

Cook, Ben

Davidson, Karen

Davidson, Lorna

Cook, Dorothy

Davidson, Peter

Cook, Glen

Davidson, Reg

Cook, Jim

Davidson, Rene

Cook, John

Davidson, Wendy

Cook, Joseph

Davies, Ted

Daw, Robert

Cook, Josiah

Dawson, Lillie

Cook, Kay


Cook, Ollie

Cope, Tasman

Dawson, Winnie

Corb~tt, Alec

Derrill, Matron

Corlett, Alf

Dickson, Matron

Cotterel, Dick

Ditchburn, Corinn

Coutas, Sue

Ditchburn, Grace

Coutas, Tony

Cronin, Mick

Ditchburn, Harold

Crosson, Paddy

Ditchburn, Herb

Cryan, Patrick Father

Cull, Nellie

Ditchburn, Hilda

Cuthbert, Mrs

Ditchburn, Jenny

Ditchburn, John

Dacey, Mrs

Ditchburn, Julie

Daffen, Arthur

Ditchburn, Kath

Daffen, Harold

Ditchburn, Pat

Daffen, Jack

Ditchburn, R Snr

Danks, Gordon

Danks, Jim

Ditchburn, R Jnr

Danks, Morris

Ditchburn, Ross

Danks, Ollie

Ditchburn, Stan

Danks, Polly

Ditchburn, WR

Davenport, Miss

Dix, Albert

Davidson, Beverley

Dix, Bessie

Davidson, David

Dix, EM (Major)

Doney, Bevan

Davidson, Dawn

Doney, Bruce

Donnelly, Frank

Donnelly, Natalie


Dom, Charlie

Dom, Emma

Dom, Marie

Dom, Tottie

Douglas, Miss

Douglas, Tom

Driscoll, Kevin

Duckworth, Edmund

Duffield, Guy

Duffner, Davey



Dunham, Charlie

Dunham, Coral

Dunham, Ernie

Dunlop, Jock


Edwards, Alison

Edwards, Craig

Edwards, Derryn

Edwards, Ellie

Edwards, Eric

Edwards, George Snr

Edwards, George (Snow)

Edwards, Harry

Edwards, Howard

Edwards, Joan

Edwards, Joanne

Edwards, Judy

Edwards, Kay

Edwards, Mick

Edwards, NG (Jack

Edwards, Noel

Edwards, Pat

Edwards, Priscilla

Edwards, Rohan

Edwards, Sybil

Edwards, Terry

Edwards, Theresa

Edwards, Todd

Elder, Adam



English, Ivan

English, Jean

English, Madge

English, Mavis

Faulkner, Charles

Faulkner, Claudia

Faulkner, Hazel

Faulkner, Ian

Faulkner, Iris

Faulkner, W

Fiedler, Lorraine

Fitton, Doris

Fitton, Jack

Fitton, Jim

Fitton,Len Forest, John

Foster, Fred

Fox, Marshall

Freeman, Rev Billie

Frost1 Beryl

Frost, Dennis

Frost, Neil

Frost, Vicki

Fuller, Charlie

Fuller, WS


Gard, Lourdes

Gard, Ruth

Gard, Thomas

Gard, Wally

Gard, WO

Gettingby, Capt John

Gettingby, Hettie

Gettingby, Karl

Giblett, Molly

Giblett, Tom

Gladstones, Harold

Gonder, Sheralee

Gooding, Audrey

Gooding, Barbara

Gooding, Beaumont

Gooding, Dalton

Gooding, Dorrie

Gooding, Dulcie

Gooding, Elizabeth

Gooding, Gordon

Gooding, Graham

Gooding, Helen

Gooding, Lionel

Gooding, Malcolm

Gooding, Philip

Gooding, Roy

Goody, LJ (Bishop)

Gould, Roy

Graham, WH


Grant, Aclcy

Grant, Eric

Grant, Jack

Grant, Jim

Grant, Myrt

Grant, Roberta

Gray, Arthur


Gray, Bev

Gray, Boyd

Gray, Charlie

Gray, Colin

Gray, Dianne

Gray, Edna

Gray, Gary

Gray, Genia

Gray, Harry

Gray, Harvey

Gray, Henry D

Gray, Jan

Gray, Jean

Gray, Joy

Gray, Katie


Gray, Kim

Gray, Lil


Gray, Molly

Gray, Pat

Gray, Thelma

Gregory, Harry

Griffm, Charlie Sm

Griffm, Pat

Griffm, Tom

Guelfi, Adrian

Guelfi, Karen

Holmes, Douglas

Hood, Jack

Haddleton, Tom

Horn, Bill

Hague, J

Horn, Percy

Halden, Claire

Horn, Pheobe

Halden, Mark

Hornsby, Edith

Halden, Vashti

Hornsby, Keith

Halden, William

Hornsby, Len

Hamilton, Don

Hamilton, L

Hornsby , Seigrid

Hamilton, Mrs


Hamilton, Simon

Horsfall, Helen

Hannd, Les

Hutchinson, Ross

Harris, Elizabeth


Harris, William

Harrison, Annie

Ibbetson, Mr

Harrison, Bill

Ibbetson, Mrs

Harrison, William

Ivey, Anglina

Harvey, Dorothy

Jenkins, Rev Syd

Harvey, Ernie

Johnson, Allan

Harvey, Phil

Johnston, HF

Harvey, Richard

Joy, Walter

Heard, Alice



Heard, Dick

Joyce, Bernie

Joyce, Colin

Heard, Ellie

Joyce, Dennis

Heard, Jim

Joyce, Frank Jnr



Height, !van

Joyce, Frank Snr

Henderson, Theo

Hillary, Clare

Joyce, Gregory

Hillary, Mick

Joyce, Howard (Charlie)


Hillary, Mrs

Joyce, Jenny

Hills, Henry E

Joyce, Jeremy

339 Joyce, Joan

Hodby, Tom

Joyce, John

Hodges, Mr

Bodkins, Rev

Joyce, Kevin

Holland, John

Joyce, Lindsay

Joyce, Mabel

Joyce, Maisie


Joyce, Maria

Lamb, Tom

Joyce, Meg (Helyar)

Landor & Lefory

Joyce, Mrs Snr

Latham, Bill

Joyce, Mrs T Snr

Latham, Eunice

Joyce, Patrick

Laurence, GH

Joyce, Pearl


Joyce, Richard

Lee, Dick

Joyce, Shelley

Lee, Jean

Joyce, Sue


Joyce, Tom Jnr


Joyce, Tom Snr

Lefroy, de C

Lehrbach, Hulda

Joyce; Tracey

Leigh, Gilbert

Joyce, Veronica

Leo, Charlie

Joyce, Violet


Justins, Arthur

Justins, Colin

Leo, Eileen

Justins, Gavin

Leo, JJ

Justins, George

Justins, Loma

Justins, Peg


Leo, Kathy

Keast, Christine

Leo, Kevin

Kellow, Bill


Kellow, George

Leo, Pat

Leo, Shiree

Kellow, Jim Jnr

Leo, Shirley

Kellow, Jim Snr

Leo, Susan

Leo, Tom

Kent, Dick

Leo, Trish


Leo, Verna

Kent, Gail

Lindsay, Jane


Lowrie, Prof

King, Charles

Loxton, Lee

King, Hal

Lucas, Rev Harry

King, Mathew

Loxton, Robert

King, Rennie

Lucas, Lois

King, Therese

Lukins, AJ

Kloos, Fred

Lukins, Bertha

Knight, Julie

Lukins, Bette

Lukins, Bob

Lukins, Grant

Lutz, Arthur

Mahoney, Father

Makeham, Bill

Malcohn, Douglas

Malcohn, Jimmy

Malone, Gladys

Marsh, Clarice

Marsh, Myrtle

Martin & Ware

Maryon, Mr


Mason, Margaret

Matson, Bill

Matson, Don

Matson, Emma

Matson, Ernie

Matson, George

Matson, Jack

Matson, Maude

Matson, Mrs Tottie

Matson, Ron


Matson, RP

Matson, Syd

Matson, Tom

Matthews, Colin

Matthews, Linda

Matthews, Norm

Matthews, Queenie

Matthews, Roy

McDonald, Eric

McDougal, Lindsay

McDougal, Shirley

Mciver, Mary

McKeon, (Bishop)

McLachlan, Don

McLachlan, Pat

McLennan, Alex



McPherson, Malcom

McQuade, Dennis

McVeigh, Arthur

McVeigh, Gwene

Meredith, Harry

Meredith, Mabel

Meredith, Stan

Meredith, Ted

Mildwaters, Alice

Mildwaters, Edward

Mildwaters, Jean

Mildwaters, Max

Mildwaters, Roy

Mitchell, Anne

Mitchell, Guy

Mitchell, Helen

Mitchell, Mary

Mitchell, Michael

Mitchell, Sir James (Premier)

Montgomery, Hope

Morgan, Dorothy

Morgan, Jan

Morgan, Hettie

Morgan, Mary

Morgan, Trevor

Morgan, William (Taffy)

Morrell, John Henry

Morris, Percy

Morrissey, Mr J

Mott, Beryl

Mott, Charlie

Mycock, Margo

Mott, Colin

Mycock, Muriel

Mott, Denise ycock, Trevor

Mott, Eric

Mycock, Wally E


Mycock, Walter

Mott, Harold

Mott, Howard

Mott, Jack

Naisbitt, Betty


Naisbitt, Charlie Jnr

Mott, June

Naisbitt, Charles Snr

Mott, Lesl

Naisbitt, Florence

Naisbitt, Jim

Mott, Lorna

Naisbitt, John

Mott, Louisa

Naisbitt, Ted


Nenke, Berthold

Mott; Mervyn

Mott, Noreen

Nenke, Clem

Mott, Owen

Mott, Terry

Mott, Walter

Mudge, Cliff

Mudge, Margaret

Muller, Ced

Muller, Fred

Muller, Maxine

Muller, Mrs

Murphy, Charles

Murphy, Charlie Jnr

Murphy, Kath

Murphy, Nola

Murphy, Pat

Murphy, Sarah

Murphy, Terry

Mycock, Allen

Mycock, E

Mycock, Ethel J


Joseph Malins


Mycock, Margaret

Nenke, Elvie

Nenke, Katherine

Nenke, Mary

Nenke, Michael

Newman, Jos

Nichol, Charlie

Nicholls, Rev TL

Nolan, Graham

Nolan, Lilia

Nolan, Mollie

Norrie, Billie

O'Donnell, Eileen

O'Keefe, Dennis

O'Keefe, Jeanette

O'Keefe, Sophie

O'Neill, Court

O'Neill, Dorothy

O'Neill, Esther

O'Neill, George

O'Neill, Gertie

O'Neill, Hugh

O'Neill, Jim

O'Neill, Michael



Father John

O'Rourke, D

O'Rourke, May


O'Rourke, Rosie

Oliver, Annie

Oliver, Laurence

Oliver, William

Padley, Harry

Padley, Jack

Padley, Kit


Parker, Bill

Parker, Jack

Parker, Tom

Patterson, Mr

Patterson, Mrs

Pearce, Anne

Pearce, Emma (Daisy)

Pearce, George

Pearce, Gwyn




Pearce, Laurie

Pearce, May

Pearce, Thomas Snr

Pearce, Tom

Pearce, Tom J

Pendal, Edward

Pendal, Mrs

Pendal, Phillip

Perkins, Mrs

Pettigrew, Jim

Philipson, Rev John

Pierce, Evan

Pierce, Jack

Piesse, Hon EH

Pike, Eileen

Pike, George

Pike, JCA


Pike, Mick

Pinchin, Flo

Pinchin, Frank

Plllllkett, Charlie

Plllllkett, Julia

Plllllkett, Mary

Plllllkett, Maurice

Popplewell, Ernie

Portner, Jack

Portner, Phoebe

Povey, Thomas

Power, Anne

Power, Brian

Prendiville, Archbishop

Prosser, Norm

Pullman, Jason

Pullman, Peter

Puls, Otto

Quartermaine, Ian

Quartermaine, Lesley

Quinn, Bishop

Quinn, George

Quinn, Mick

Reddrop, Michael

Reid, Alf

Reid, Jane

Reid, Marjorie

Reid, Neil

Renfrey, Dick

Renfrey, 'Mamie

Renfrey, Richard Snr




Robertson, Henry P

Robertson, Jessie

Robinson, Margaret

Roe, John S

Rutherford, Mrs

Sandiford, Frank

Savage, Addie


Savage, Linda

Savage, Mrs C

Savage, W

Scaddan, Jack (Premier)

Scott, Nancy


Seabrook, John

Seldon, Hector

Sharp, Dave

Sharp, Thelma

Shepherd, Alexander (Jock)

Shepherd, Gert

Shepherd, Jack

Shepherd, Jess

Shepherd, Ray

Shipard, R & S

Sibert, Sister E

Skinner, Matron

Smale, Andrea

Smale, Tim

Smale, Wally

Smith, 'Dingo'


Smith, Ashley

Smith, Barbara

Smith, CP

Smith, CP Jnr

Smith, Debbie

Smith, Donkey

Smith, Graeme

Smith, Harold

Smith, Isaac

Smith, Jean

Smith, Jim

Smith, Ken

Smith, Ray

Spence, Esther

Spence, Jock

Spurr, Peter

Spurr, Tom

Stacey, Jack

Stacey, Mrs

Stallwood, Ethel

Stallwood, Gertie

Stallwood, William


Stanley, Bill Jnr

Stanley, Bill Snr

Stanley, EH

Stanley, George

Stanley, Gwen

Stanley, Isobel

Stanley, Lizzy

Stedman, Jim

Stedman, Laurence (Jim)

. Stedman, Mavis

Stedman, Mrs

Stedman, William

Stent, Frank

Stevenson, Dave

Stevenson, Minnie

Stewart, May

Timperley, Doug

Stockton, Angus

Stubbs, Sydney

Timperley, Edith

Timperley, Elma

Sugg, Clem

Timperley, Ian

Sugg, Martin

Timperley, Joan

Timperley, Lionel

Sugg, Vera

Timperley, Merv


Mr Timperley,


Timperley, OP

Tagney, Kathleen

Timperley, WH

Taguer, Mr

Tolley, Sam

Taylor, Aubrey

Treloar, Clem

Treloar, Dianne

Taylor, Clem

Treloar, Doug

Taylor, GD

Treloar, Frank

Treloar, Mick

Taylor, Graeme

Treloar, Peg

Taylor, Harrie

Treloar, Syd

Taylor, Jack


Taylor, Jan

Taylor, JF

Taylor, Jim

Troup, Mrs E

Taylor, Joe

Tuckey, Wilson

Taylor, June

Waddell, Betty

Taylor, Kath

Waddell, John

Taylor, Lyn

Walker, Bob

Taylor, Mary

Walker, Charles

Taylor, Mick

Walker, George

Taylor, Murray

Walker, Julie

Taylor, Peter

Walker, Margaret

Taylor, Ross

Walker, Peter

Taylor, Tracey

Walker, Robert

Taylor, Vic


Taylor, Vivian

Taylor, Win

Taylor, VO

Wallace, William

Wallis, Bill

Wallis, Marjorie


William Dane


Ward, Syd

Thomson, MLC


Ward, Tom


Watkins, Catherine


Watson, Adam

Watson, Bob

Watson, Eileen

Watson, Jim

Watson, Norman

Watson, Pat

Watson, Tom Snr

Watson. Tom Jnr

Webb, Herb


Wells, Tracey

West, IT

White, Horrie

Whittingham, G

Willcocks, Charlie

Willcocks, Mrs

Williams, Alan

Williams, Ida HF

Williams, Mary

Williams, Tom

Willmott, Geoff

Willmott, John

Willmott, Les

Willmott, Margaret

Willmott, Roy

Willmott, Violet

Willmott, W

Willmott, William

Willock, Charlie

Willock, Christine

Willock, HE

Willock, Iris

Willock, Marjorie

Willock, Rashe

Willock, Ron

Willock, Ted

Wilson, Arch


Woodroffe, Jack

Woods, Alf

Woods, Margaret

Workman Gertrude

Workman, Arthur

Wright, Willie

Wynne, Jean

Wynne, Norm

Young, George

Zadow, Graham

Zis, Beryl

Zis, Joseph

Zis, Leigh

Zis, Peter