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Nippering Cemetery

Wagin-Dumbleyung Road, WA 6350

Kukerin Cemetery

Pike Road, North Kukerin WA 6352

Nippering Nich Wall Map
Kukerin Cemetery Map
Nippering Cemetery Register - last updated xx/xx/xxxx
Kukerin Cemetery Register - last updated xx/xx/xxxx
Nippering Cemetery Map
Kukerin Niche Wall Map

Burial Services

You will need to contact your chosen Funeral Director for details and bookings.


Shire of Dumbleyung has a very easy process for families and individuals to reserve Burial Plots and Niche Wall plots.


      Step 1. Contact the Shire of Dumbleyung on 9863 4012 or visit in office at 32 Harvey Street,

                   Dumbleyung 6350.

      Step 2. View the maps to see if there is a vacant position in your chosen denomination. 

      Step 3. Pay the fee and be issued a Grant Right of Burial.

Please contact the Shire of Dumbleyung on 9863 4012 for more information on how to make a reservation.

Any plot to be used immediately for a funeral service must be arranged by a Funeral Director.

Placing a Niche Wall Plaque

You would be asked to select a size and design from a catalogue, the price per plaque differs depending on your specifications. 

Nippering Niche Wall Plaque Sizes: 


Outside Wing Walls (right and left of center wall): Single: 220mm x 140mm

                                                                               Double: 350mm x 140mm

Centre Wall: Single: 178mm x 102mm

                     Double: 385mm x 117mm

Kukerin Niche Wall Plaque Sizes:

Single: 178mm x 102mm

Double: 385mm x 117mm


* Plaque border #4

* Plaque colour  Black

* Plaque Fixing  4 Holes and Screws

Plaques can be installed by the Shire, upon request or by yourself, you will be notified of its arrival.


If you wish to leave the ashes of your loved one with us at the Shire, we can install them at the same time as the plaque. Please refer to the Fees & Charges. 

Placing/Repair a Monument

All monumental works must have granted approval by the Shire of Dumbleyung and adhere to specifications. Please contact the Shire on 9863 4012 or email with your request. 

The repairs and maintenance of monuments is the responsibility of the family, not the Shire.

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